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Hot Talk Radio International was established in March 2010.  Hot Talk Radio Int'l has gained its popularity due to the comedic, raw & uncut performances of its hosts and guest co-hosts.





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Current occupation: Music producer/ CEO at Big Baby Entertainment, Disc Jockey, Musician, Music Engineer, Car Salesman & CTO/Host at Hot Talk Radio



    Quentin "Big Baby" Johnson was born in Macon, Ga.  He expressed an interest in music at the early age of two making beats on pots and pans. His mom bought him his first drum set at age seven and immediately signed him up for lessons from Bill Harderman, a local music instructor.  Mr.  Harderman told her he didn’t need lessons, he was born to play the drums. At age fourteen Quentin begin playing the drums for the Images Bands in Macon, GA as well as surrounding counties.  He played the drums for his church, Mt Vernon Baptist Church, every Sunday morning. Under the leadership of Kelvin Underwood, Quentin would work hard daily after school improving his skills. He prepared Quentin for high school where he spent year learning under the   instruction of Mr. Giles.  Since then he has learned to play the keyboard, produce music, and now runs his own full studio. Upon graduating from Southeast High School he continued with his love for music by enrolling into the music program at Fort Valley State University.  Over the years Big Baby has worked all over the southeast with many artists. He has played the drums for Jeff Floyd, Hollywood Band (Hall of Fame), and Word of Mouth. He's produced hit records for Cadillac Boys, DJ Wiz, Pastor Troy, Velow, Mr. Wise, JG, and The Real Lady J. In 2011, “Big Baby” and his cousin “JG” officially formed Big Baby Entertainment, LLC.  He operates as CEO for B.B.E. with JG as the President. On the label he has four artists and a band.   While operating his studio he plays the drums for Word of Mouth and co hosts on Hot Talk Internet Radio Station. Big Baby is on a war path in the music game and is always ready to produce any kind of music. He's known for Hard Hitting Bass, Hip Hop Funk, and R & B.  He's up for any musical challenge saying "Bring it on, let’s Go!"                                                                     


      Cornelius Swerv G Burks is a Cosmetic Supervisor for the nations largest used car retailer in the nation that has been on the Fortune 100 list for “Best companies to work for” nine years in a row.  DJ  Swerv G is from Jacksonville, FL now residing in the Atlanta area that spins various genres of music from R&B/Hip Hop, Old School, Reggae, Gospel, Jazz and Top 40.  He is a member of Live from the Frathouse DJ’s.  He is mostly known from doing various clubs and private parties such as M Bar (Atlanta, GA), Club Vice (Atlanta, GA), ILounge (Atlanta, GA) and Rewind Old School(Jacksonville, FL).  He lives by the quote “When words fail, Music Speaks.”
He is a co host for Hot Talk Radio.  Quarterly, he performs as one of the DJ’s for the largest old school party in South Georgia/North Florida area at Rewind Old School in Jacksonville, FL.  He has distributed multiple mix tapes underground.  All of these accomplishments are steps to the larger career goal of him being a DJ/Entertainer full time. 
He is motivated, versatile and treats every performance as if it’s his last.  You can follow him @djswervg.  He also has a page on Facebook/DJSwerv Gee.  Never forget one his favorite quotes.  “Achievement is a matter of choice, not a matter of chance.”



FOR DJ SERVICES CONTACT 904-536-7095 OR 404-946-8119

Current occupation: Employee at CarMax, COO/Host at Hot Talk Radio & Disc Jockey






  (FB) "GERALDO DJ  Pimpin Sweet  PRATHERO"
Current occupation: Disc Jockey, Security Guard & CIO/Host at Hot Talk Radio "PIMP JUICE TAKE OVER TUESDAY."

FOR DJ SERVICES CONTACT 404-343-8993 OR 404-946-8119






Current occupation: CFO/Host at Hot Talk Radio, Independent Contractor, Music Producer & Disc Jockey




DJ TRAPPER JON Considered by some to be the now Producer, DJ, Songwriter, Host, Engineer, Promoters, CEO with the talent of the future, DJ Trapper Jon; raised in College Park, Ga. has developed his own variation of sound. DJ Trapper Jon has the music background to take him into the future. He began his DJ career in High School. Because of his music ear he began producing beats and was an intricate part of Royal Fam Records & Shanghi Entertainment. The rap group Shang:hi released “Shang:hi Invasion” and performed throughout the southeast region. Trapper Jon has been exhibiting his talents in clubs, concerts, social events and parties. R and P Productions Bat Cave studio is the lab for the creation of the Trapper Jon formula of profound beats and sounds. Trapper Jon has worked with groups and help develop artist (29 money boyz, Thumbs Up, On Da House , Goodie Da Great, Young Champ, Tree Topp, Sam Sneed, C4, Sky Dro and many more. Mix-tapes include Iron Jaw Vol.1 & 2, Nickel Eye Vol. 1 & 2, Check it Vol.1 DJ Trapper has appeared in magazines, won several awards, and continues to be nominated and congratulated on his ability to know what needs to be done to make it work. Trapper Jon has hosted Radio, Television, along with many showcases and promoted community events that have a positive impact on children and adults alike. 






CONTACT NO. 404-946-8119

Current occupation: Host/ Program Director at Hot Talk Radio


The world has been dying to know who’s the hottest in Atlanta, Ga. State ranking is too small for the league that this Goddess has been placed in. What makes “Lady Libra” the hottest thing smoking? She’s Super Beautiful, Intellectual, Talented, Charismatic & Honorable. To state it more plainly a Super B.I.T.C.H! Founder, CEO/Official Host of “Hot Talk Radio” is where you can find this pioneer. The heat is on and she has taken over the world and won’t stop until she reaches the sun. Her quest for success started years ago. As a child, her ambition was considered abnormal. She landed herself on “BET” by entering a contest. Her desire at that time was to be the first female child rapper. She never gave up on her dreams despite the many obstacles she has had to overcome. She has continued to add to her skills. The titles that describe this diva make her appear unreal. Teacher, Speaker, Promoter, Producer, Counselor, Writer, Actor, Director, Clothing Designer, Manager, Humanitarian, & Adoptive/Foster Parent are just a few of the roles she plays daily. Nothing can stop this aggressive individual. She continues to add to her accomplishments and the innovativeness that she processes is considered dangerous! Takela “Lady Libra” Barner is no novice when it comes to dedication, hard work, & perseverance. “The Queen of Shock Reality Radio” is climbing heights and melting hearts with her spicy style. From the underground up and remaining humble with her rise makes her well respected in the industry. Connecting and networking with the main stream artists and understanding the needs of the independent and underground artists is what she does on “Hot Talk Radio.” She has interviewed “Kurtis Blow”, “Backbone” from “The Dungeon Family”, “Big Sam” from “The Eastside Boyz”, “Producer Kill Will”, “The Carleon Family”, & many more on her show. Her goals in the near future include: launching her clothing line, acting, producing, writing, publishing her books and taking shock reality radio to levels never seen before. She describes it as being a walk in the park. “Beware, She’s A Beautiful Nightmare” is the phrase that entices the world to tune in to “Hot Talk Radio.” Their unique style is driving the listeners wild! The shows entire cast has captivated millions of listeners across the world and the fire that they have ignited can’t be extinguished because the fuel they use is unrecognizable and has caused “Hot Talk Radio” to spread and now they’re out of control.




Twitter @dinigoarent
Facebook Diamond Goar, Diamond Reid Goar


Dinigoarent  works with unsigned artist.   We guide them through the entertainment industry.  With our numerous resources in audio,visual, production, & publicity, we offer a variety of services to the artist that are willing to invest in themselves .Our platform includes  but is not limited to:   Studio time, artist developmen, production, beats, videos, movie extras, radio interviews, TV interviews, Dj networks, marketing, promotions & consultation.     Our company creates a treatment plan for our clients.  The Artist manager is responsible for collecting revenues, fees or other payments stipulated in the contract.  We hold auditions and interviews to discover potential clients & communicate with artists to develop marketing plans or tour goals for their music career and to recommend and implement actions to achieve them.   We help obtain sponsorship, endorsements & donations.  We utilize all platforms available. Maintaing positive collaborations, Dinigoar is opening new doors for young musicians.    Some of the companies we have done collaborations  with are Bluegrass Ent., Real Talk Radio, J Entertainment ATL, X-Squad Dj's,NAACP records  Investing Black Records, Hot Talk Radio, From the Ground Up Records, Hot Block Magazine, Greedy Ent., Omy Gashs Productions, Hip Hop Pop TV & Makin it Magazine just to name a few.     Our recent artist that we currently work with are  T-Divinci , CodeineChris, Teah Philani, King Vicious, Flying Brian/Stateline, Lucy Cash, $outhClick, KD, DilemMa Top Notch, Camp Loyalty, Broken Silence, Skennie Seville, Ruffa Billionz, Vibez Trilly,  Ish, Mike Diablo,  Nasty, Inferno,  Mr. Skiddles & many more.   We pride ourselves on elevating all of our clients potential and existing accomplishments. We are known for our loyalty, integrity, & dedication, along with the ability to enhance,  motivate and build confidence in others. We always go above and beyond the call of duty for anyone affiliated with our organization.For consultation or to begin a business relationship please use the following contact information:Email




Twitter: KingJah357

IG: KingJah357

Facebook: (King Jah Doe)




JORENEMES RECORDS,LLC was established in 2009; is an up and coming Georgia based independent record label.  With a recording studio based in Houston, Texas as well as business ties to Louisiana & Nevada.  The Company's CEO & President, Jousual A. Hinton (JAH), is a Georgia native that's well connected with several major multimedia companies and has positioned the company to begin strategic marketing in the Southern Region with prominent promotions on the West Coast, Midwest, & East Coast.  JORENEMES RECORDS operates as a major label and makes successful promotional moves with a small scale budget set up by the founders of the company.  JORENEMES RECORDS is in the process of signing additional artists will add to the roster of producers, song writers, web designers, photographers, & videographaphers.  Currently the record label is setting up a solid structure with entertainment attorneys, public relations, marketing companies, business accountants and street team.  The company is based on the motto of "Proper Customer Service" & "Face To Face Promotions".  JORENEMES RECORDS understands the competition and structuring the format as a business first and entertainment second.  


For Bookings, Public Appearances, and/or Media inquires Contact:  KING JAH DOE (770) 676-4779






Twitter: Dubbeatsp



 DUBBEATS PRODUCTIONS CEO, Wallace Barner, was born on December 26, 1978 at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, GA. to Mr. Angie and Carnell Barner.  He is commonly known as Ditto, a multi-talented musician with over 25 years of experience in the music field. He is also an active member of the Kappa Kappa Psi Band Fraternity Inc.  Percussion, Low Brass, Keyboard, and Bass are his instruments of expertise.  A week after his birth, his family left Atlanta and moved to North Carolina.After starting school at the young age of four at Long Creek Elementary School, Wallace immediately knew he would pursue music as a career for the rest of his life because of the influence of the music program that he was affiliated with while attending this school. Catering to his drive to beat on every pot and pan in his home, his parents bought him his first drum set at the age of six.  At the young age of 7, he began his journey in the music industry doing drug raps for the "Say No to Drugs" campaign on BET in the 80's.  Although he never took formal lessons, he displayed his natural ability as a musician almost right away.  In 1985 Wallace and his family moved back to Atlanta, Ga., where he attended E. L. Connelly Elementary School.  After completing the second grade there, he transferred to Rosa Lee Wright Elementary school, where he began to learn to play the trumpet.  After a short time in beginning band, Wallace was moved up to play in advanced band because of his extensive musical ability. The following school year, Wallace transferred back to E. L. Connelly Elementary and began to learn the trombone.  By the time he reached middle school, football had become a major part in his life, but, eventually, the music bug resurfaced. He joined the intermediate band while in the 8th grade at Sylvan Middle School and was soon moved to the advanced band. In the same year, the band director from Booker T. Washington High School came and recruited Wallace by giving him the opportunity to participate in the "Salute To America Parade" on the 4th of July in 1992.  Two years later, Wallace now sat first chair in both marching and concert band at Booker T. Washington High School. Because of his ability as a musician and his profound display of leadership in the band, Wallace became the Drum major in 1996. Upon graduating in 1996, Wallace had full scholarships to Morris Brown College, Florida AM University, Tennessee State University, and Clark Atlanta University.  Unfortunately, he pursued neither and decided to get a job.  At age 16 he joined a live band named "Thought Nubian" as a Bass player.  Shortly after his 18th birthday he decide to pick up the Bass Guitar.  He wanted to play bass so bad that he took a piece of wood and drew frets and strings on it and began to teach himself how to play.  Once he had enough money, he went to the local pawn shop and purchased his first bass and amp for about $130.00.  In order to accelerate his learning process on this new instrument, he purchased a DVD called "Beginning Bass" by Abraham Laboriel, who is a world renown bassist and a graduate of Berklee College of Music.  Little did he know that soon thereafter he would be recieving a letter in the mail from the admission office at Berklee College of Music.  In 2000, Wallace decided it was time to go back to school and auditioned for Berklee for a partial Scholarship and was awarded $3000 a semester. Although that may not seem like much, it was a lot for someone who had been playing bass for about a year and did their audition over a cassette tape.  Wallace attended Berklee College of Music in the Spring of 2001.  In 2004, Wallace reentered the live band scene as bass player for Between 9 & 7.He soon transferred to Georgia State University where he received his bachelors degree in Music Management in 2006. While in his last year at Georgia State, he interned at the world famous Doppler Studios, where he first began his professional career as a recording engineer. Working at this studio gave him the opportunity to meet some of the biggest names in the music business. That list includes, Fred Hammond, Wynita Bynum, Monica, Shaun Garrett, DTP, Lil Wayne, Brian Micheal Cox, Polo da Don, Jazze Pha, Lionel Richie, and a host of many others.  In 2006 he took on the position of Assistant Engineer at Doppler Studios and remained for 2 years.  After completing his assistantship, he decided it was time to step out on his own and become a freelance recording engineer and producer.  After about two years as a freelancer, Wallace began teaching audio Engineering at an occupational training facility in 2007. In 2008, Wallace performed bass guitar behind vocalist, Amadi Jones, at her show in Atlanta, Ga. In 2009, he also performed bass guitar behind vocalist, Korey B., at the Loft in Atlanta, Ga. for his Album Release Party.  Wallace has experience in the music field across the board and represents excellence in every area.  DUBBEATS PRODUCTIONS is the "Home of The Music of The Future," which speaks for itself; Wallace Barner is one of the best in his field and produces only top quality as evidenced by his work.  He is and will remain a force in the music industry.- See more at:


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